Greetings list!

A few years ago I published a tool that allowed easy creation of the Icon
Families that I had been working on to integrate into the IDE.  (The code
had been started, but users had no way to leverage the planned capability
at the time.)  At that time I simply posted it to Sample Stacks and a copy
on my web server with more icons.

I had been wanting to get it onto GitHub for quite some time, but never got
around to it.  In another thread I mentioned the tool and Mike asked if it
was available on GitHub.  That was just the sort of thing I needed to get
it posted.  (Thanks Mike!)

The most significant change that I've made with this version is that it
will keep the icon families and prefs stored as separate files instead of
inside the stack.  This will make things much easier since plugins start as
a palette and you have to toplevel it to save (which is no longer
necessary).  If you use the previous version, you only really need to worry
about any custom families that you imported.  All of the ones that I
provided earlier are available in the repository and can be loaded in bulk
by dragging them onto the library card.

I welcome feedback and bug reports on the GitHub repository.

Thanks and have a blessed day!
Brian Milby
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