Sadly this may depend more on user's OS than on the LC version or
your compiling OS.
I had a similar issue with pasting to Mail on Mac OS > 10.10. This
disappeared when I used the rawClipboardData[key] (exactly to such
"plainText"-encodings there is an example for different platforms).

> Jacqueline L.G. wrote:
> Apparently in LC 8.x, LC text in the clipboard can't be
> pasted into Powerpoint, though it works in MS Word and
> some other apps. I know the workaround -- paste into a
> text editor, copy, paste into Powerpoint -- but is there
> a better way?
> My app is just setting the clipboarddata["text"] to a 
> variable containing plain text. I wonder if I should be 
> setting some of the other keys in the clipboard array. 
>  It worked okay until the last version we released, 
> compiled with LC 8.0.2 on Mac OS X. Maybe it's been 
> fixed since then? I don't have a copy of Powerpoint 
> so I can't test.

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