Very good and interesting stack.
Hopefully you do think about extending that to the rawClipboardData?

On Mac there is a ClipboardViewer 
that shows even more entries in the clipboard than the rawClipboardData
reports, after putting a simple plain string into the clipboard in LC.

When pasting a copied text into a "plain" TextEdit window this reduces to
** public.utf8-plain-text **
(and NSStringPboardType). This UTF8-key works here, with MacOS 10.12, for
pasting in every other app. Probably this key, used with rawClipboardData,
has currently most chances to work for MacOS (and it's equivalents for Win
and Linux, given in the Dictionary).

> Stephen B. wrote:
> I made this dumb stack to view all elements of the clipboard contents...
> works inter-app, type
> go URL "";
> in msg box.

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