Hi Devin,

I just tested and see that also when I try to get the monthNames by script.
It throws an error. I did not test that part of the widget enough because
that was already in place and since I did not need to set or get the
monthNames nor dayNames since I use a call to Livecodescript to get to the
localized abbreviated names.

The error is in the naming of the property: monthNames. That is a Livecode
Script property and calling that same property of the widget gives a

As a test I temporarily renamed the widget's "monthNames" property to
"calMonthNames" and then getting the calMonthNames by script works.
In other words there is a naming conflict.
"dayNames" works because there is no naming conflict but is of little use
since it is overruled by the call to livecode Script.

I think I should change that part of the widget by removing the properties
from the properties inspector and leave them as renamed properties of the
widget but not settable, only gettable.

In case someone sees a use case for customizing abbreviated day/month names
I would reconsider that.

Until it is changed I suggest just not using both properties.

Thank your the feedback.

Kind regards

Devin Asay wrote
> Wonderful widget, Bernd! Works well here on Mac 10.10.5 with both LC 8.1.1
> RC2 and 9.0.0 DP1. 
> There is only one small problem I see: the monthNames property throws an
> error when I try to get or set it. I wonder if it the monthNames property
> is interfering?
> Devin

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