[Transmission error:]
I recompiled the library using 8.1.1rc2. Then I had
success with the widget on Win 7/10 using 8.1.1 and 9.0.0.

On Linux(Mint 173) and MacOS 10.12 it worked without recompiling,
on both using LC 8.1.1 and 9.0.0.

*** This seems to be a problem whenever the widget format changes:
Then some other widgets or libraries that are used by the newer
ones may have to be recompiled. ***

I never needed to do this on Mac, but two times on Linux (Mint)
and several times on Windows 7 and 10. So it's not obvious to see
the need for a recompilation of other LCB input when developping
on one single platform.


Bernd, this is a very useful widget-extension. One future feature
could be to make it to an (optional) three-months-display?

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