Tom Glod wrote:

> 10 K in resolution....
> I'm going to do more tests with the 2 cache settings ..... compositor
> cache and image cache..... increasing these definately lets me export
> snapshots of larger groups...but I have not succeeded in going past
> 10 K.... I can display up to 32k..... but snapshot export just hard
> crashes Livecode as soon as it is triggered.  .... 32,000*32,000*4 is
> 4GB+ ...... I would like my customers to be able to output their
> content as large images.  10 k is large enough for now.

Curious about this, I ran a test in LC 9 with a new stack with one button containing this script:

on mouseUp
   set the rect of me to 0,0,6000,6000
   put specialFolderPath("desktop")&"/TestBigImage.png" into tFile
   export snapshot from me to file tFile as PNG
end mouseUp

On Ubuntu 14.04 w/8GB RAM I get the image file generated within seconds, but then LC takes another several seconds (almost a full minute!) with one CPU core maxed until it goes back to a normal idle.

Worse, while writing this email I was switching back and forth between my email client and LC, and apparently resume also takes nearly a full minute of maxed CPU before I'm able to work.

I'll run strace with that and file a bug report later to see what could be done, but back to your app's need:

Is raster output the best option for your users?

Even at 10k px that'll be a pretty big file, unwieldy in many image apps (and apparently prohibitive to export in the Linux version of LC currently).

It would be tedious but not too difficult to write a CardToSVG function instead, giving your users a widely-supported vector format whose file will be only slightly larger than the stack it was generated from (relatively speaking; being a plain-text format I'd guess the output size would be a small multiple of the stack file size, but certainly far less than a raster representation of the same layout).

I know Alejandro had written some SVG importers some time ago - anyone here have at least the beginnings of an SVG exporter we could build upon as a community project?

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