prothero wrote:

> I agree with Roger,
> There needs to be a useful script editor bundled with livecode.

Absolutely. No development environment could claim to be integrated without including such an essential components.

I'm not suggesting we make people hunt for their own components. I'm wondering if it makes sense to officially embrace external editors, for both utility and cost savings.

> I'm suspecting that a lot of the impetus for sublime text and other
> external editors has to do with professional developers' need to use
> github with script only stacks. For entry level users, the built in
> editor would be their first exposure and perhaps sufficient.
> I also suspect that folks new to programming, or non-professionals
> might be a target too good to "not" keep on our good side.

Apologies that I didn't wrote more clearly.

In all my communications on this I've tried to stress that a good editor be bundled with the LC install.

But if that editor were external, then the IDE needs only one interface for managing not only the included editor, but any other editor anyone might want to use.

Out of the box there's an experience at least as good as what we have now, and with the click of a Prefs button users could also choose any other editor they prefer.

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