My company gave up on hosting our email and website at on-rev.com back when they were having lots of reliability problems. We're using a host in Japan; no LC server installed, nor is it installable.

I still have our Founder's account on on-rev.com, and use quite a few .lc scripts, calling them from iframes in web pages hosted on the new host.

Our radio programs' mp3 files are stored on the new host. I want one of my scripts on on-rev.com to get the directory listing of the mp3 files on the new host. The ftp command from LC tutorials works fine from LC desktop (Community edition, Mac) to get the filelist:
put url "ftp://user:p...@domain.com/folder/"; into myVariable

Put when I call it from the server .lc script on on-rev, the result is:
error Failed to connect to gmoserver.jp port 21: Connection refused

(gmoserver.jp is our new host here in Japan.)

Any ideas why the connection would be refused when coming from on-rev, but not LC desktop? Anyways around this?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

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