Hi Matthias,

Good idea. I just sent support an email asking to have ssh activated!

I'll post again with results!

Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

On 2017.07.18, 19:12, Matthias Rebbe via use-livecode wrote:
Do you have ssh access for your on-rev  account? If not, ask support to enable 
it for you.

Try to use ftp from the commandline, just to see if gmoserver.jp 
<http://gmoserver.jp/> accepts that connection. If that also doesn´t work, then 
i would assume that your server is blocking the incoming connection from on-rev. If 
that works, then  livecode server seems to have a problem with ftp outgoing 

Matthias Rebbe
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Am 18.07.2017 um 10:38 schrieb Tim Selander via use-livecode 
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My company gave up on hosting our email and website at on-rev.com 
<http://on-rev.com/> back when they were having lots of reliability problems. 
We're using a host in Japan; no LC server installed, nor is it installable.

I still have our Founder's account on on-rev.com <http://on-rev.com/>, and use 
quite a few .lc scripts, calling them from iframes in web pages hosted on the new 

Our radio programs' mp3 files are stored on the new host. I want one of my scripts on 
on-rev.com <http://on-rev.com/> to get the directory listing of the mp3 files 
on the new host. The ftp command from LC tutorials works fine from LC desktop 
(Community edition, Mac) to get the filelist:
put url "ftp://user:p...@domain.com/folder/ 
<ftp://user:p...@domain.com/folder/>" into myVariable

Put when I call it from the server .lc script on on-rev, the result is:
error Failed to connect to gmoserver.jp <http://gmoserver.jp/> port 21: 
Connection refused

(gmoserver.jp <http://gmoserver.jp/> is our new host here in Japan.)

Any ideas why the connection would be refused when coming from on-rev, but not 
LC desktop? Anyways around this?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

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