Have never written a CGI in my life but you got me thinking; a quick Google found me a php script to "print" a folder listing.

So now my .lc script on my on-rev serve puts the url of the .php page on the server with the mp3s into a variable -- which gives me the list of file names I was trying to get via ftp. Works slick.


Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

On 2017.07.19, 2:16, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
Tim Selander wrote:

 > My company gave up on hosting our email and website at
 > back when they were having lots of reliability problems. We're
 > a host in Japan; no LC server installed, nor is it installable.
 > I still have our Founder's account on, and use
quite a few
 > .lc scripts, calling them from iframes in web pages hosted on
the new
 > host.
 > Our radio programs' mp3 files are stored on the new host. I
want one
 > of my scripts on to get the directory listing of
the mp3
 > files on the new host.

FTP is probably not the best solution for this, for reasons too
numerable to list this morning.

But for the task as described, other simpler, more efficient, and
more secure alternatives exist:

Can you run a CGI on the server holding the MP3 files to obtain
that list?

Or, if they're within you're web root, can you use Apache's
directory listing?

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