I'm not sure if the news from LiveCode Global is under any kind of NDA… Since I 
have a business license, we could pose this directly to HQ, but seems useful to 
share.. hope that is OK and I have this quesiton

What is the binary format of the map "object" that the engine or map widget can 
now pan and zoom?

Put another way: could we create our own giant SVG maps, with tools, for 
example like OmniGraffle or Diagrammix and then run these as "maps" inside the 
new widget. Or is this tech somehow locked into conventional geographical map 
formats of some kind?

Of course we can build those and show them inside a browser widget, but dealing 
with hotspots requires messing with JS and the chasm/issues between the JS in 
the browser widget and the stack-LC engine message path is still huge and 
problematic (discussed at length elsewhere) So if the new map widget is a 
member of the msg path in "proper standing" that will be excellent.


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