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> Ali Lloyd wrote:
>  > ...make the map widget a lot more flexible on the
>  > objective-c side...
> iOS-only?
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We would do whatever is feasible in a cross-platform way. Actually looking
at it now, there would be a similar thing on Android:

Brahma, it's my understanding that you *are* talking about overlays - or at
least using overlays is exactly how such things are achieved with a native
map object. You override a method that returns a particular image for the
currently visible tiles of the map, so that you don't have to have your
whole map image in memory all the time.

The default implementation on both platforms retrieves map images from
somewhere online

Markers are not 'in the message path' quite in the way you are suggesting -
at the moment the touch / click is received by the native view, resulting
in a callback that is handled in LCB, which posts an appropriate message
back to the widget's script object (in this case 'markerClicked pTag' where
pTag is the tag defined for that marker).
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