Thanks for replying Ali

I wasn't thinking of overlays, though that could be useful and would obviously 
be an early enhancment request.

message path:  Presumably "markers" are in the msg path… i.e. like buttons, and 
would respond to mouseup/down/touch. That would suffice for my V1 vision of use 
cases. Though I guess without overlays we are forced to abrupt changes on the 
screen if we want the map to be a portal to ther data…but… leave that for V2…

Today's question is not about overlays… the question is: "What is the map 

Where does it come from and can we supply some alt document… for example, if 
one had an artist create 

The WonderFul World of Ali, i.e. a fantasy map…in SynFig Studio… one could 
export to a vector format.

How do we make this the map "object"  Other more prosaic uses could be: complex 
diagrams that cover "hectares/square miles" of space… the map of Oxford 
University campus… Tolkein's Middle Earth etc. engineering diagram with various 
parts of some machine all laid out on one complex, very large "map"  -- giant 
SVG's. giant in the sense of being created on a canvas in your illustration 
software set to 4 feet by 4 feet… which then can export to vector… scale up or 
down, but at that size one can work in areas with a lot of detail… and create a 
"Villiage of Hobbits" off in the corner… 

Here for example is a very simple test SVG export from a small inexpensive 
program that I like called "Diagrammix"

so what comprises the map "object" and what is the scope of its format, 
properties etc. Obviously the developer has to source the map object from 
somewhere, in some format.

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'a member of the msg path in "proper
    standing"' - the map widget just wraps a native view essentially. The map
    'object' is only accessible through foreign handlers in LCB, but if it can
    be done natively then it can be done.
    In the first instance the widget will support annotations/markers and
    polylines, but won't support generic overlays.

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