Thanks Ali

I'm clearly "out of my depth" here… after looking at the Google Maps model. 

looking at: 

 I think see why you are talking about overlays, as these comprise  "model 

GroundOverlay   A ground overlay is an image that is fixed to a map. 
GroundOverlayOptions    Defines options for a ground overlay.

So it does not seem like it is feasible for us to simply "drop in" a large 
vector diagram/map/illustration… 
unless perhaps there was some third party which could do, as you say, insert 
this as an overlay into map object, so that, instead of UK, we would have 
"Middle Earth"

Something to think about: if you get this far with the tech, pushing it just 
enough to allow a custom environment (assuming it meets some standards 
obviously) would be interesting

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    Brahma, it's my understanding that you *are* talking about overlays - or at
    least using overlays is exactly how such things are achieved with a native
    map object. You override a method that returns a particular image for the
    currently visible tiles of the map, so that you don't have to have your
    whole map image in memory all the time.
    The default implementation on both platforms retrieves map images from
    somewhere online

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