Babysitting over, tried it, it works! 

Thanks a million.

BTW Trevor’s suggestion of 

> PrivilegesRequired=admin

didn’t work, and didn’t even get the install process to ask the user to change 
the privileges, which surprised me, but then I know nothing.

Thanks for all the patient readers that helped with this.


I wrote:

> Woo! That looks promising! Will try it - have to go babysitting now, but soon 
> enough…
> Thanks
> Graham
>> On 5 Apr 2018, at 15:46, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode 
>> <> wrote:
>> Just poking around, a manifest is like a config file for the app. As I 
>> mentioned, your installer maker solution may have a way to configure one. If 
>> not, apparently there are solutions that allow you to post process your 
>> executable to include one. 
>> Also worth considering, in the Windows tab of the Standalone Application 
>> Settings, at the bottom of the window is a popup menu for UAC settings. 
>> Unless your app will require Administrative Access to the file system, I 
>> would set this to Same as Invoker. Apparently this wil create some kind of 
>> manifest. Also, the app will run with the same permissions as the caller. 
>> This should prevent Windows from thinking the app must be run as an 
>> administrator. 
>> Bob S
>>> On Apr 5, 2018, at 06:58 , Graham Samuel via use-livecode 
>>> <> wrote:
>>> Hmm, thanks for the discussion. I see that it is not a straightforward 
>>> issue, and I am probably forced to get my hands dirty in the world of 
>>> Windows. I am aching for a very simple set of step-by-step instructions, 
>>> but of course that is not the job of anyone on this list! BTW, I am also 
>>> asking in the Inno Setup forum, and have had some replies, but despite my 
>>> references to LiveCode, it appears that nobody there can believe I’m not 
>>> using Visual Basic or C++. There is dark talk of manifests, about which I 
>>> know nothing, but maybe I can piece together an idiot’s solution.
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