I've managed, with a lot of help from the community, to get the mergBLE 
commands and messages working very well between my LC iOS app and an arduino.  
Now, for the next "component", I'd like to be able to communicate to and from 
the arduino to and from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) via a "hardwire" 
connection... just in case BLE is disconnecting or generally unreliable in 
certain environments.


I done a fair bit of web searching but cannot find a way to reference the iOS 
USB via LC.  There's info on Linux, Windows and MacOS, but none (that I can 
find) on iOS.  Obviously LC *can* employ the USB on an iOS device.... it does 
it in its Development / "Test" and "Test Target" functionality to send an app 
to an attached iOS device.


I've seen a portion of Apple's USB development doc's and spec's ... since I'm 
not an XCode user, they don't make any sense to me and don't (seem) to indicate 
any "device name".  There are various mentions of "sandboxing" the app and then 
enabling various "entitlements" ... one of which is " Allow USB Access: 
com.apple.security.device.usb".  I'm totally clueless on this sort of reference.


(taken from LC forum: Re: Help extracting information from USB port data ... 
Post  by MaxV > Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:52 pm)

and translated from:  http://livecodeitalia.blogspot.it/2014/ ... porta.html



*open* driver "COM2:" for binary update


while on Linux ports are tty (or something similar) into the folder / dev , 

*open* driver "/ dev / tty2" for binary update


Mac is a bit more complicated, because the name and position changes with each 
version, however, for the rest it is like on Linux:

# Try one of these: /dev/cu.usbmodem2, /dev.tty.usbmodem2, /dev.cu.usbserial2,

*open* driver "/dev/cu.usbmodem2" for binary update


.... "missing" iOS ...


So ... anyone who can give me a push in the right direction would have my most 
sincere appreciation.  I haven't actually tried the Mac examples but since I'm 
fairly certain of the very significant differences between MacOS and iOS, I'm 
skeptical of even trying.... I will and report back here... but I'm not likely 
to have any success.





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