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> Hmmm... I found an interesting and possibly an exploitable approach... 
> possibly in combination with Monte's suggestion that "mergAccessory" may be a 
> component.  In the link:
> https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/13605/how-to-get-started-with-interfacing-usb-devices-to-ipad
> ... there is discussion about using a MIDI device as an attachment to an iOS 
> device.  I could easily get the arduino to appear to be a MIDI device, since 
> that merely involves using a specific "protocol" for moving data AND there 
> are many arduino project which use the arduino for MIDI processing, input and 
> output.
> Question is.. how would I go about "marrying" the two... a MIDI "device" and 
> Monte's "mergAccessory" external?

Unfortunately you need an official made for iOS device to use mergAccessory. 
It’s a special program that hardware manufacturers have to sign up to. Apple 
being Apple keep control of the ecosystem of hardware. Best bet is to look for 
a made for iphone thing that is designed as an interface to arduino or 


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