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> It does somewhat bother me, though, that use of the USB to an iOS device *is* 
> available "within" LC but not exposed as a function... I though the LC IDE 
> was written in LC ... someone had that in a posting I read recently ... so, 
> in principle, it "could" be made available to developers.  It's not as if LC 
> doesn't allow us to access and use serial/USB devices in other OS's!  I'm 
> sure in this age of wireless-ness, hardwire connectivity is a conceptual 
> dinosaur but, for us die-hards, it remains a viable alternative.

I think you are talking about mergDeploy here and that is a very specific use 
case of installing an app onto a device rather than general USB access. Indeed 
mergDeply uses private APIs to do what it does but that’s OK because we aren’t 
trying to release LiveCode via the App Store.


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