Others have chimed in quite well here, so I'll just add a few comments.

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> // GoFundMe //
> This, too, is overwhelming. A little disturbing too as it was embarked on
> by people who know very little about me

Mmm... that's where you're wrong. From the time you joined the discussions here you've been an active part of the community, at times an excellent source of information, at others a welcome gadfly. There are a lot of folks in the community here that I know only through email and list conversations, and I have no idea what their personas are like. And for the most part I don't care. I think the response here was simply that one of our own was in trouble. This has nothing to do with you on a personal level, and everything to do with you on a personal level.

> It is necessary, though,

Not really, but thanks for the background.

> // Lessons Learned //
> That’s the second time a LiveCode app has put me in this position.

Been there, done that. More times than you.
Points in the LC rant are well taken.

> Their decision to have the next
> conf over in the far west shows their loyalty to, again, only a small part
> of the community, the rich and those already in America. Global?!?

Well, the last couple have been in Edinburgh, and while I love the place dearly, it's certainly not cheap to fly over from California. But we do it. Because I wouldn't miss a chance to network with folks during the conference. And remote access to the conference sessions is (almost) always offered if you can't make it in person.

 Mark Wieder

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