Hi Sean

It is a relief to hear from you. I’m sorry if you were weirded out by the help 
offered. I have struggled in the past to swallow my pride and just accept help 
when I need it. Last year dealing with Rebecca’s cancer was a humbling 
experience for me in this regard. 

Anyway, there’s a few points I thought it might be helpful to clarify for 
yourself and others below.

> Due to various security risks,
> Google had decided to deprecate the use of webviews for authenticating
> oAuth entry.

Although this may appear to be blame shifting I’d like to point out that when 
Dropbox dropped API v1 they sent a number of emails allowing us to get prepared 
to offer something for v2. Google’s little note at the bottom of a page you 
don’t really look for little notes on really didn’t help that much clearly.

>  Despite being distributed as part of LC, mergext is
> not open source so can’t be repaired by any of us.

All we need is a decent bug report for anything that isn’t open source.

> which
> we can’t fix easily because it’s part of the ide and they won’t accept ide
> amendments due to the fact it can’t be checked and compared using
> GitHub!!!

If the issue is in a script only stack which most things are in the IDE then we 
do accept contributions.

> Looking at the latest LC8 release, the ‘fix’ Monte did for mergGoogle
> hasn’t been added in. It’s hardly working let alone ‘Stable’ then, is it!!

This is the main point I wanted to clarify. When I heard of your situation I 
stopped doing the work I had been assigned and started working on a fix for 
you. Doing it as quick as I could meant breaking the mac cross compilation so I 
built for iOS, ensured it worked and posted a link for you (or anyone else to 
access it). So that leaves on the todo list before it becomes part of the main 
distribution for me to fix the mac build, have it reviewed by another member of 
the team and included in the main bundle of mergExt builds we include in the 
distribution. In the meantime we have a build that works for those that need it.


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