Hello Sean -

Very glad to read your post here.

There are only a couple things that may be useful to address here, but chief among them is gratitude for your open discussion of depression.

Culturally we too often stigmatize depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other conditions, unable to talk about them as easily as we talk about a broken leg or other more strictly physical things.

I believe every conversation about such conditions is a force for good in the world, making it easier for folks to express their own stories and for others to understand what the experience is like to be able to become more effective in supporting our friends.

We don't always get it right, but through healthy open dialog we can all learn how to be of ever better service to one another.

> I’ve not been able to face anyone or anything. I was not happy that
> the police had been called. I was not happy that my wife found out
> that way. I was definitely not happy that people had tried contacting
> my 14yr old son after cyber ploughing my social accounts.

That last part might have been me, and if so I owe you an explanation:

Through friends and family I've had experience with both suicidal ideation and actuality, so like many here I took your words quite seriously.

Somehow from that experience something in my instincts told me you'd be okay. Still, as you probably know, the common protocol for anyone encountering such ideation is to respond as though it's a likelihood, because the stakes cannot be higher and it is something for which there is no Undo.

I tried to follow my instincts, but a nagging doubt had me checking regional news sources in case I was wrong. When several days had passed and I'd found nothing relevant that was good. But I also saw nothing from you online, not even on LinkedIn; I log in daily anyway, and when you post there it's normally a welcome part of my feed.

On LinkedIn your company is listed as having two employees. You and I are already connected, so I took the liberty of clicking "Connect" for the second one, in hopes that I might ask only whether they've been in touch with you recently.

I did notice that the other Pi employee has the same last name. I had assumed it was your brother. If that was your son I certainly meant no intrusion, nor would have written anything alarming.

As it is the request was never responded to, so I've had no contact with anyone on this until replying to you now.

I've had my own challenges with family and such in recent years, so I have at least a sense of some of the burdens you've faced. I know how sometimes things can be overwhelming. I'm glad your here, both on this planet and on this list. And as you've seen, no matter if you may not notice yourself, you've made enough of a strongly favorable impression among the others here that they see you as part of their extended family, happy to lend a hand as they would any good neighbor.

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

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