I have never met you except through this listserve and, if my memory serves, on 
the Direct-L listserve, where you’ve been a generous, respected and positive 

The main takeaway I hope you have from this is that the folks on this list 
value you and care about your well-being and we all cringe when something like 
what happened to you, happens to anybody else. I’ve found that, in this world, 
“Sh**t" happens” and there isn’t a heck of a lot we can do about it except try 
hard to not feel like it’s a personal failure. In my case, a botched biopsy 
resulted in a 3 mo hospital stay, close to fatal, which I’m still recovering 
from. It makes me really value the time I have, my wife, my projects, my 
friends,  and sunny days.

Among my friends, we sometimes give “esteem baths”. Please take this outpouring 
of concern and even some $$ as evidence of our esteem and caring for you as a 
colleague and online friend.

Best wishes to you,

William A. Prothero
Prof Emeritus
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA

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