I don't know if it would work on a iOS 12, but we has an issue with a complex 
dynamic "draw" on screen..

So we turned of acceleratedRendering  to false temporarily

Then set to back when the drawing was finish

on createWordPuzzle
   if (the acceleratedRendering of this stack is true ) then
      set the acceleratedRacceleratedRendering on createWordPuzzle
   end if
   hide widget "context"

# later 

set the acceleratedRendering  of this stack to true

end createWordPuzzle


 Randy Hengst wrote:

    I’ve been messing with this slowdown issue … there is a connection between 
having acceleratedRendering set to true… and my objects that move set to 
dynamic. I see the slowdown in the IDE and on the iPad. 
    Using LC 9.0.1 RC1 still.

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