Skip the test, it works fine in isolation. Bug report is here:

But there must be something else going on so I should send the real stack to either you or Panos I guess.

On 8/3/18 9:27 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
Here's the relevant part of the script. There's only one "move" command:

     put the long id of grp "iOSPicker" into tGrp
     get the height of tGrp div 2
     put the height of this cd - it into tDestV
     show tGrp -- before updating text
     wait 1 millisecond with messages
     move tGrp to (item 1 of the loc of me),tDestV in 500 milliseconds

I put the wait command in there to see if it made any difference but it doesn't.

If the above isn't enough, it would be quicker if I could just send you my client's stack privately. Is that okay? I'll put in a bug report regardless.

On 8/3/18 8:27 PM, Monte Goulding via use-livecode wrote:
@Jacque I’ve had a look around the engine… would be interested to know if you are moving without waiting or not (if that makes a difference).

It looks like the most likely cause of what you are seeing is multiple calls to `move` the object to a location. The second of which will look like the first just ended because a second move ends the first and then the object is already at the location. Perhaps log when you are doing it?

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