> On 5 Aug 2018, at 5:00 am, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode 
> <use-livecode@lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> I don't quite know why my stack ran okay on Monte's phone, and my 
> stripped-down test with the same code ran okay in the simulator, but my real 
> stack failed. Weird.

When I said it worked ok here I should have probably been a bit more specific. 
It seemed to work as scripted. I tested on a mini. The first move the group 
came up on an angle from bottom left. Cancel would move it straight down about 
half way then hide it. Presenting it again moved it straight up. Cancel again 
moved it straight down and hid.

So I guess ensuring it is positioned correctly for the device before the first 
move and the hide move hides the whole thing would be a good place to start.


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