> Thanks Robert, but trying to add some humour to a continuing disgruntled 
> thread that is becoming tedious from one corner.  Profanity has never been 
> prevalent on this list and is unnecessary.  We either diffuse with humour or 
> it gets nasty.

> Lets finish it here.  No more unnecessary swearing and ranting and we can 
> expect a calmer Realsoft society.

Uh-huh :

  and let me personally thank you for all your enormous
efforts regarding your elaborate tutorials on how to
create incredible indoor Global illumination scenes .

  I mean , of course you would be a little upset and
be so low , considering all the incredible efforts you
have personally placed on the RS Wiki regarding skills
that you and you alone have mastered .

  I bow to you , as we have all done for years , since
you are indeed the RS Gi King . Thanks , of course ,are
not enough . Your tutorial efforts kept so many many of
us from floundering needlesly ... haplessly experiment-
ing with little or no results .

  Thank god you were not one of those self-centered
cocksuckers who strived to protect in secrecy any and
all skillsgained from experimenting with with Vesa's
and Juha's hand holding .

  You are a true pioneer who did all you could to make
sure that the rest of the community never had to say
"how did he do that incredible render?" .

   Yep , you certainly are not one of those cunts who
seem to think they are so much better than everyone
else , who keep all skills learned close to thier
chest in a flacid attempt at being better than all
others in the very very tight Realsoft Community .

  You my friend are about to become confronted with
what you truly have become , so relax and enjoy
your destiny , you most certainly earned it .

good luk ...

Garry Curtis

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