> You should leave it there.

No .

> Instead of writing on this List, you should be working with Realsoft
> instead.

Yes .

> There is no competition about who is the best Realsoft user.
> Realsoft is there to realize your personnal vision only.

Yes again . 
> And you should not associate Realsoft with the people using it.
> Realsoft is just a tool... so use it. Stop talking about it.

Yes again & again .

> Note : The realsoft community is the weirdest one, people
> Take much of their time trying to write tutorial, finding technical tricks,
> Writing plugins than actually using Realsoft to create ART(Picture or
> animation).
> Jean-Sebastien Perron
> www.neuroworld.ca

  Ok , but if you yourself Jean-Sebastien find something very
interesting that you know without question that the whole RS3D
community would absolutely love to have access to , that would
love to have a project file or a VSL file , or would go crazy
for an elaborate Web Page Tutorial ...

  Would you not share ?

  My whole point is :

A) There are many here .
B) Some will contribute with tutorials  .
C) Some will endeavor to degrade the RS3D community
   via various useless mails to the list that serve
   no purpose except to promote certain individuals
   as RS3D proponents when in actuality it's "all
   about them" .

  This is my whole point (above) again.


  I totally agree that the best you can do is create
awesome art with RS3D but it really only takes a few
tutorials first , and those tutorials are being pro-
mised by some users , and never-ever-ever-ever-ever
delivered .

 Also , some so called advanced users simply choose
not to share vital knowledge (yet another point I'm
trying desperately to make) .


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