Hi Janardhan/Stephan,

I just figured out what the issue is (Talking about Flink KafkaConnector08,
don't know about Flink KafkaConnector09)

The reason why- bin/kafka-consumer-groups.sh --zookeeper
<zookeeper-url:port> --describe --group <group-id> is not showing any result
is because of the absence of the 

/consumers/<group-id>/owners/<topic> in the zookeeper. 

The flink application is creating and updating
/consumers/<group-id>/offsets/<topic>/<partition> but not creating "owners"

If I manually create the Znode using the following:

create /consumers/<group-id>/owners “firstchildren”

create /consumers/<group-id>/owners/<topic> null

It works fine, bin/kafka-consumer-groups.sh --zookeeper <zookeeper-url:port>
--describe --group <group-id> starts pulling offset results for me.

I think this needs to be corrected in the application: to check and create
"/consumers/<group-id>/owners/<topic>" if it does not exist.


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