Hi Andrew,

If you are using the stock Gaucamole client, you can modify the default 
behavior in the javascript to prevent autoFit at startup and set the zoom 
increments to whatever you want.

In guacamole.js you will find the below. Don't foget to re-minify the 
javascript into guacamole.min.js after you make changes.


         * Whether the Guacamole display should be scaled to fit the browser
         * window.
         * @type Boolean
        autoFit : true,

    $scope.zoomIn = function zoomIn() {
        $scope.menu.autoFit = false;
        $scope.client.clientProperties.autoFit = false;
        $scope.client.clientProperties.scale += 0.1;
    $scope.zoomOut = function zoomOut() {
        $scope.client.clientProperties.autoFit = false;
        $scope.client.clientProperties.scale -= 0.1;

´╗┐On 2/22/18, 7:24 AM, "amlamarra" <andrew.lama...@gmail.com> wrote:

    I'd like to disable scaling in VNC. Right now, I'm able to get the scaling
    set to 100% by doing the following:
    Open the Guacamole menu (press Ctrl+Alt+Shift)
    Uncheck "Automatically fit to browser window" under Display
    Un-maxmize browser window
    Check "Automatically fit to browser window"
    Uncheck "Automatically fit to browser window"
    Now I'm at 100%. And those zoom buttons don't work very well either. It only
    goes in increments of 10%. And if you're at 109% and zoom out, then you're
    set to 99%... It just seems kinda wonky. I wasn't sure if there was anything
    I can do to set scaling to 100% no matter what.
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