Hi Mike,

Now most of my feature related issues are known and most of them are fix, I
moved to performance testing.

I am running Guacamole on a CentOS 7 VM, running on latest VMWare ESX on
Dell 610. I did the test at night so there was no other load on the server.
My VM has 2 vCPU and 4 GB of RAM.

When I run a single session with Guacamole and open MSN and leave it open,
I can see that the CPU utilization on my server fluctuates between 3% to
30%. Average is 5-6%, but sometimes it would hit 30% also.

Then I started a HD video in Youtube and left it. I see now that CPU on my
server is almost 100% utilized.
The Video is not smooth anyway.
The process consuming all the CPU is guacd

With just a single user can guacd consume so much CPU?

Howe can we limit this.

I have to test this server to supprot around 50 simultaneous users.
Although users are not going to do Youtube but with 5% of average CPU
consumption for MSN.com for a single user, I dont see I could support more
than 20 sessions.

What is your view and if you have recommendation to optimize CPU
utilization by guacd.

Except for font smoothing, all other options on rdp are turned off. Bitmap
caching and compression is ON.

Amarjeet Singh

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