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Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2018 3:25 AM
To: user@guacamole.apache.org
Subject: change of ip address
> not sure where to start but will keep it short here, can add more detail
> if required.
> initial setup of ubuntu in a VM with dhcp, most things working fine,
> change to static IP and initital connection to guac ok but guacamole rdp
> connections fall over with simple time out error messages
> change back to dhcp and after refreshing mac addresses in VM works fine
> again.
> any ideas where to start looking?
> tia
> mdb

If the java app and proxy are on the same host, it sounds like
your pointer to guacd is using an external IP address instead
of a loopback address (which would fail as well once the dhcp
server hands out a different address).

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