Hi nick and joseph, think i have figured out what is going on and how i missed it ( always important!)
this is above my paygrade but i owe a favour so...
when i change to static addressing, on the server, it is somewhere/somehow causing the effect that the hostnames are being resolved outside the local network and hence the connections are failing(timing out anyway). I suddenly realised that to test the connections to the rdp hosts i was using the ip addresses which i had memorised having only tested pinging by hostname before the change to static. testing now, the hostnames failed to ping and displayed a resolution of an unknown address way outside the lan addressing scheme, remembering from somewhere way back i tried adding a (the default windows ".home") domain suffix to the hostnames and hey presto, able to ping from server again. as there will be no need for a full blown domain setup in the proposed install i had simply relied on the bt router to resolve hostnames and somehow this change to static is causing it to pass on the dns request and not handle it as a local host despite the servers ip address being compliant with the local scheme. i did try adding this suffix to the user-mapping connection but no joy there guacamole did not like that :)
any ideas
mark barber

Nick Couchman wrote:

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    > the guacd.conf and guacamole properties confirm the pointers are to
    > "localhost" no mention in there of ip addresses
    > to give a little more detail i have my main desktop running a vbox
    > ubuntu 16.04server all is setup and working with a
    > mixture of vmware player and vbox windows clients and basic
    > authentication on guac.
    > ll i do is change from dhcp to static on server and i can still
    > to the guac interface ok, connect to the server/ssh connection i
    > set up in guac even connect to the native ssh with putty and my
    > connection to my app is fine, it appears to only be an issue
    with guac/rdp
    > connections to the windows clients after the change.

    In that case, it sounds like your networking configuration when you
    migrate to static is slightly incorrect. Tough to speculate but
    with the
    virtualization products you are using, some use bridging or nat which
    can cause issues like this were depending on the destination, you may
    or may not reach it as a result of where in the topology the
    source and
    destination reside.

    Simplest might be to look at the default gateway and mask when you
    use a dynamic IP versus static (probably the issue). You can also fire
    up tcpdump with some basic filtering to see if packets return etc.

    Ps. Remember to reply-all so the list gets a copy.

One other thing to consider is ARP caches on various devices along the way - if you're switching back and forth between DHCP and static very rapidly, it's possible that one of the systems caching the ARP information for the Guacamole host is not flushing that cache in a timely fashion, resulting in hosts not knowing where to find the system.  You could try manually flushing ARP caches and see if that works - but Joseph is also correct that you need to make sure your network config is exactly as it should be.


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