Am 14. Oktober 2016 15:08:54 MESZ, schrieb Allexandre Sampaio 
>Hi, I'm having some trouble while using custom samplers on JMeter.
>When I try to load the tests, the console shows a message that says
>"NoSuchMethodError", refering to a method from the
>After search for help, I couldn't fix the problem, in every topic I've
>read, the indicated fix method was by putting the library .jar in the
>JMeter lib/ext folder,but I'm sure I did this!
>Did anyone have had a problem like this?

I haven't used the mongodb sampler, but to get more help, it certainly would 
help to give more information.

What driver jar did you use exactly, which method is missing? Which sampler did 
you use? Which version is your JMeter?

It might be helpful to have your Java version or OS and it's version.

>*Allexandre Sampaio*

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