Am 14. Oktober 2016 17:11:30 MESZ, schrieb Allexandre Sampaio 
>Right, I'm using the version 3.0.0 of mongo-java-driver (available in
>The missing method is the "getDatabase(DB_NAME)", that returns the
>of the database. (I did some tests while coding the sampler and the
>getDatabase method worked fine).
>Actually, I'm coding my own sampler, that's because I need to do some
>specific operations in the database, using my own dataset, so, I
>use the mongodb sampler recomended.
>Finally, I'm using JMeter version 2.13, on a Ubuntu 16.10 desktop with

Did you remove the mongodb driver that came with JMeter?

And why are you still using JMeter 2.13?


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>2016-10-14 11:42 GMT-03:00 Felix Schumacher <
>> Am 14. Oktober 2016 15:08:54 MESZ, schrieb Allexandre Sampaio <
>> >Hi, I'm having some trouble while using custom samplers on JMeter.
>> >When I try to load the tests, the console shows a message that says
>> >"NoSuchMethodError", refering to a method from the
>> >mongo-java-driver-3.0.0
>> >library.
>> >After search for help, I couldn't fix the problem, in every topic
>> >read, the indicated fix method was by putting the library .jar in
>> >JMeter lib/ext folder,but I'm sure I did this!
>> >Did anyone have had a problem like this?
>> I haven't used the mongodb sampler, but to get more help, it
>> would help to give more information.
>> What driver jar did you use exactly, which method is missing? Which
>> sampler did you use? Which version is your JMeter?
>> It might be helpful to have your Java version or OS and it's version.
>> Regards,
>> Felix
>> >
>> >Thanks,
>> >*Allexandre Sampaio*
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