What's the best way of deploying an application from a CI build such as Jenkins,
into Karaf, for the purposes of testing?

I was hoping to set something up so that I have a jenkins job that builds my
application and then deploys the built application to a test instance on karaf.
The karaf would be running on a separate machine, so I would most likely write a
simple piece of java, either as an ANT task or similar that uses the JMX
management bean interface to interact with karaf (seems more reliable than
trying to script the shell interface and detect errors).

My question really is what the best was of transferring things was. Naively I
assumed that I would publish the artifacts into artifactory as snapshots and
then pull them from there using mvn: URLs, but maybe I just don't know enough
about how maven repositories work, as I'm getting into difficulties with the
artifacts being cached, so that what is deployed is what has just been built. 

I could probably pull them directly from jenkins using the
"lastSuccessfulBuild/artifacts" URLs, and maybe that the best way?

Any thoughts?

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