> you can use Pax Exam[1] for that and start Karaf embedded, this will give
> you a clean state for every run.

Initially I want to do it for testing, but I then want to deploy a "snapshot"
and "release" version of the actual application for general internal demo use. I
currently already have an integration test suite, but what it doesn't test is
the deployment into karaf, so I want to deploy it for testing in a way that is
as close to the real thing as possible.

> The other way would be to have a Karaf with Jolokia running and deploy via
> JMX, I once created a sample for that [2].

As I say, my question was really one of what the transport is for the bundles.
One way of the other I invoke the equivalent of "feature:add-repo", then
"feature:install", my question is what are the URLs, where does karaf actually
pull stuff from. To use mvn repositories I need to find a way of turning off the
caching, which so far I've failed to do. Pushing the files on to the remote
machine using SCP and then addressing them with "file:///" URLs seems another
way, but it seems over complicated to push them. Addressing the artifacts in
jenkins directly is another way, but it seems like I'm going to have to write
something bespoke to create a feature repository with the correct URLs in from
some kind of template (substituting the correct build number in all of the

Just hoping there might be a known best way to do this kind of thing, save me
figuring it out!


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