you can use Pax Exam[1] for that and start Karaf embedded, this will give
you a clean state for every run.
The other way would be to have a Karaf with Jolokia running and deploy via
JMX, I once created a sample for that [2].

regards, Achim

[1] - https://ops4j1.jira.com/wiki/display/PAXEXAM4/Pax+Exam
[2] -

2016-09-20 9:05 GMT+02:00 <t...@quarendon.net>:

> What's the best way of deploying an application from a CI build such as
> Jenkins,
> into Karaf, for the purposes of testing?
> I was hoping to set something up so that I have a jenkins job that builds
> my
> application and then deploys the built application to a test instance on
> karaf.
> The karaf would be running on a separate machine, so I would most likely
> write a
> simple piece of java, either as an ANT task or similar that uses the JMX
> management bean interface to interact with karaf (seems more reliable than
> trying to script the shell interface and detect errors).
> My question really is what the best was of transferring things was.
> Naively I
> assumed that I would publish the artifacts into artifactory as snapshots
> and
> then pull them from there using mvn: URLs, but maybe I just don't know
> enough
> about how maven repositories work, as I'm getting into difficulties with
> the
> artifacts being cached, so that what is deployed is what has just been
> built.
> I could probably pull them directly from jenkins using the
> "lastSuccessfulBuild/artifacts" URLs, and maybe that the best way?
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks.


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