usually I use maven as the "transport" it's a much better integration into
the CI/CD pipeline.
So what I've given you as sample is optimized for exactly this.

regards, Achim

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2016-09-20 9:22 GMT+02:00 <t...@quarendon.net>:

> > you can use Pax Exam[1] for that and start Karaf embedded, this will give
> > you a clean state for every run.
> Initially I want to do it for testing, but I then want to deploy a
> "snapshot"
> and "release" version of the actual application for general internal demo
> use. I
> currently already have an integration test suite, but what it doesn't test
> is
> the deployment into karaf, so I want to deploy it for testing in a way
> that is
> as close to the real thing as possible.
> > The other way would be to have a Karaf with Jolokia running and deploy
> via
> > JMX, I once created a sample for that [2].
> As I say, my question was really one of what the transport is for the
> bundles.
> One way of the other I invoke the equivalent of "feature:add-repo", then
> "feature:install", my question is what are the URLs, where does karaf
> actually
> pull stuff from. To use mvn repositories I need to find a way of turning
> off the
> caching, which so far I've failed to do. Pushing the files on to the remote
> machine using SCP and then addressing them with "file:///" URLs seems
> another
> way, but it seems over complicated to push them. Addressing the artifacts
> in
> jenkins directly is another way, but it seems like I'm going to have to
> write
> something bespoke to create a feature repository with the correct URLs in
> from
> some kind of template (substituting the correct build number in all of the
> URLs).
> Just hoping there might be a known best way to do this kind of thing, save
> me
> figuring it out!
> Thanks.


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