Apache Mesos is still mentioned prominently in the docs of a number of
other projects which gives off the impression of an active and
maintained project.

Indeed that is how I have been caught. This should have been communicated way earlier.

In reality almost nobody is working on issues or
available to help users, and basing a new project on Apache Mesos these
days is probably not a good idea. I honestly do not see that to change
should new people step up and IMO the most honest way forward would be
to move the project to the attic to clearly communicate that the project has moved into another phase; this wouldn't preclude folks from using or further developing Apache Mesos, but would give a clear signal to users.

I wonder what the apache foundation role in all this is. If you put a your stamp on a project, I was expecting there would be some oversight/quality control on it. So the current situation would be prevented. Since using mesos, I have always wondered how the project could have been developed only with the interests of mesossphere/d2iq in mind (my impression).

Now the change from messossphere to D2iq also makes sense. I guess writing of mesos had been in the planning for quite some time.

FWIW I do enjoy using mesos (although I am constantly whining about getting stateful tasks with ceph), but I am only launching tasks via marathon. So I am dependant on that as well. If I would get my funding for my new project. I would also commit developers to the project, probably even long term. But I decided that already long time ago.

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