Good to see some interest in helping with project maintenance. 

Qian can you start a new email about figuring out the roadmap for the project?


> On Feb 18, 2021, at 11:18 AM, Charles-François Natali <> 
> wrote:
> Speaking as someone who contributed a few patches and would like to get
> more involved, I find it a bit difficult to get MRs reviewed and merged.
> I think it's probably because the current committers have other priorities
> now that D2iQ focus has shifted, which is understandable but makes it
> harder for outsiders to contribute.
> Is there anything which could be done about that?
> Cheers,
>> On Thu, 18 Feb 2021, 14:30 Qian Zhang, <> wrote:
>> Hi Vinod,
>> I am still interested in the project. As other folks said, we need to have
>> a direction for the project. I think there are still a lot of Mesos
>> users/customers in the mail list, can you please send another mail to
>> collect their requirements / pain points on Mesos, and then we can try to
>> set up a roadmap for the project to move forward.
>> Regards,
>> Qian Zhang
>> On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 9:16 PM Andrei Sekretenko <>
>> wrote:
>>> IIUC, Attic is not intended for projects which still have active users
>>> and thus might be in need of fixing bugs.
>>> Key items about moving project to Attic:
>>>> It is not intended to:
>>>> - Rebuild community
>>>> - Make bugfixes
>>>> - Make releases
>>>> Projects whose PMC are unable to muster 3 votes for a release, who have
>>> no active committers or are unable to fulfill their reporting duties to the
>>> board are all good candidates for the Attic.
>>> As a D2iQ employee, I can say that if we find a bug critical for our
>>> customers, we will be interested in fixing that. Should the project be
>>> moved into Attic, the fix will be present only in forks (which might
>>> mean our internal forks).
>>> I could imagine that other entities and people using Mesos are in a
>>> similar position with regards to bugfixes.
>>> If this is true, then moving the project to Attic in the near future
>>> is not a proper solution to the issue of insufficient bandwidth of the
>>> active PMC members/chair.
>>> ---
>>> A long-term future of the project is a different story, which, in my
>>> personal view, will "end" either in moving the project into Attic or
>>> in shifting the project direction from what it used to be in the
>>> recent few years to something substantially different. IMO, this
>>> requires a  _separate_ discussion.
>>> Damien's questions sound like a good starting point for that
>>> discussion, I'll try to answer them from my committer/PMC member
>>> perspective when I have enough time.
>>> On Thu, 18 Feb 2021 at 12:49, Charles-François Natali
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> Thanks Tomek, that's what I suspected.
>>>> It would therefore make it much more difficult for anyone to carry on
>>> since it would effectively have to be a fork, etc.
>>>> I think it'd be a bit of a shame, but I understand Benjamin's point.
>>>> I hope it can be avoided.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> On Thu, 18 Feb 2021, 11:02 Tomek Janiszewski, <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>> Moving to attic is making project read only
>>>>> czw., 18 lut 2021, 11:56 użytkownik Charles-François Natali <
>>>> napisał:
>>>>>> I'm not familiar with the attic but would it still allow to actually
>>>>>> develop, make commits to the repository etc?
>>>>>> On Thu, 18 Feb 2021, 08:27 Benjamin Bannier, <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Vinod,
>>>>>>>> I would like to start a discussion around the future of the Mesos
>>>>>>> project.
>>>>>>>> As you are probably aware, the number of active committers and
>>>>>>> contributors
>>>>>>>> to the project have declined significantly over time. As of today,
>>>>>>> there's
>>>>>>>> no active development of any features or a public release
>>> planned. On the
>>>>>>>> flip side, I do know there are a few companies who are still
>>> actively
>>>>>>> using
>>>>>>>> Mesos.
>>>>>>> Thanks for starting this discussion Vinod. Looking at Slack, mailing
>>>>>>> lists, JIRA and reviewboard/github the project has wound down a lot
>>> in
>>>>>>> the last 12+ months.
>>>>>>>> Given that, we need to assess if there's interest in the
>>> community to
>>>>>>> keep
>>>>>>>> this project moving forward. Specifically, we need some active
>>> committers
>>>>>>>> and PMC members who are going to manage the project. Ideally,
>>> these would
>>>>>>>> be people who are using Mesos in some capacity and can make code
>>>>>>>> contributions.
>>>>>>> While I have seen a few non-committer folks contribute patches in
>>> the
>>>>>>> last months, I feel it might be too late to bootstrap an active
>>>>>>> community at this point.
>>>>>>> Apache Mesos is still mentioned prominently in the docs of a number
>>> of
>>>>>>> other projects which gives off the impression of an active and
>>>>>>> maintained project. In reality almost nobody is working on issues or
>>>>>>> available to help users, and basing a new project on Apache Mesos
>>> these
>>>>>>> days is probably not a good idea. I honestly do not see that to
>>> change
>>>>>>> should new people step up and IMO the most honest way forward would
>>> be
>>>>>>> to move the project to the attic to clearly communicate that the
>>> project
>>>>>>> has moved into another phase; this wouldn't preclude folks from
>>> using or
>>>>>>> further developing Apache Mesos, but would give a clear signal to
>>> users.
>>>>>>>> If there is no active interest, we will likely need to figure out
>>> steps
>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>>> retiring the project.
>>>>>>>> *Call for action: If you are interested in becoming a
>>> committer/PMC
>>>>>>> member
>>>>>>>> (including PMC chair) and actively maintain the project, please
>>> reply to
>>>>>>>> this email.*
>>>>>>> Like I wrote above, I would be in favor of a vote to move Apache
>>> Mesos
>>>>>>> to the attic.
>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>> Benjamin

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