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> So, this (I tried them one at a time to see what happens -- and noticed
> stopping and starting ofbiz appears to be necessary):
> ./gradlew "ofbiz --load-data readers=seed"
> ./gradlew "ofbiz --load-data readers=seed-initial"
> ./gradlew loadAdminUserLogin -PuserLoginId=admin
> will give me an ofbiz install ready, data-wise, to start using in a
> production environment? At this point I'd start keying in products,
> vendors, etc ?
> Will this:
> ./gradlew "ofbiz --load-data readers=seed,seed-initial loadAdminUserLogin
> -PuserLoginId=admin"

The correct command is:

./gradlew "ofbiz --load-data readers=seed,seed-initial" loadAdminUserLogin

the difference with your version is that the quotes ("") should only wrap
the part:
"ofbiz --load-data readers=seed,seed-initial"

> Get it all done in one fell swoop?


> Readme wasn't clear, to me at least.
> I'm still a ways off, and hope to be helping along with docs as I go, but
> I'm just trying to find the "you are here" sign.

Thanks for your effort and feedback; it would be great to get your help
with documentation etc..


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