I see this commit was done to fix the inconsistencies with the weight
column on the product. The product_weight is now used instead so if I am
not wrong migrating to OFBiz 16 from OFBiz 12 would require me to copy the
weight column to product_weight column and everything should magically
happen. Of-course I need to change the custom code to adapt to this change.

When I looked closer, the service 'recalcShippingTotal' make use of the
column shipping_weight (OrderReadHelper.getItemWeight()) instead.

So, my question is why would we use product_weight on order entry and
shipping_weight when an item is canceled to recalculate the order total?

Secondly, if product_weight is used in first place, what is the
significance of shipping_weight and which one should be used to calculate
the shipping options (shipping methods and shipping cost) in general?

Please let me know if I misunderstood the change.

Thanks in advance.


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