I agree, the next key feature has to be WebRTC. But html5 room and its design is going on now. And this will be the one people work with... Most of them dosn't care about flash/WebRTC/java...  as long as the browser doesn't complain... but this will happen in the near future...

My point is to think about those things today. At least to keep the possibility to add those things later on...

"Duplicate" something sounds good, this could mean to reuse a lot of code... Maybe we could take this solution as a starting point, and learn a bit how to use it and flie a jira "fixed for 6.x.x." something like "search and add feasible js library to enhance polls". This would be something like you did with the math support for the whiteboard, I think.

Greetings Peter

Am 06.03.2018 um 07:36 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:
I would love to work on improving technology stack, but unfortunately
it is hardly possible :(
Our users/customers will not wait, required features need to be added
"in parallel"

The easiest way to add functionality you asking for, would be
"Duplicate" button for the archived poll
this way any "Archived" poll can be duplicated and made active in a single click

As an option "Duplicate" can fill "new poll" dialog with the details
of archived poll, so some details can be changed


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 2:34 AM, BBS Technik <dormiti...@gmx.de> wrote:

I think the flexible query function is a useful improvement for working with OM.

But at the moment, I believe that working on the WebRTC implementation is much 
more important. Otherwise, flash will soon be an absolute show stopper.

Best regards

Gesendet: Montag, 05. März 2018 um 09:20 Uhr
Von: "Peter Dähn" <da...@vcrp.de>
An: user@openmeetings.apache.org
Betreff: Re: [DISCUSSION] HTML5 room

Hello together,

I think Maxim did a great job with the html5 room. And it is a huge step to get 
rid of flash. Thanks so far.

Now I would like to get some feedback/opinions for point 3 a bit underneath.

3. Polls are just fine in the place where they are now. These Polls (my 
understanding) are something that a teacher prepare BEFORE the session start as 
a part of the the given class. And there need to be more than yes/no and 
probably it is important to save this results .

I think beside the quick poll right now (thanks for that) there should be a 
tool to prepare some questions before the session starts. And to a given time 
during the presentation one just need to choose the right one. Yes/no and 1 to 
10 could be complemented by sc and mc questions. Maybe someone knows a given JS 
library that could do the job...

By now I would like to know if this sounds useful for you.

Greetings Peter

Am 29.12.2017 um 11:35 schrieb Peter Dähn:ok.. graphic is also not mine... just 
a bit gimp to put my things together... ;-)

I took the painting icon somewhere... it was a free thing... but I need to find it again. Anyway... 
the "call for logo" was one of the most used threads I think... maybe one of the 
"painter" can help us...

I think collect that painting tools and hide it if not used will reduce the 
size of the wb toolbar. Would make sense for me.

+1 for new menu item. Icon, maybe one could help here too... And I think Vote 
and display result on the overlay is perfect

So if one talented painter is reading this... We would need 2 icons. One to 
collect painting tools and one to get feedback... ;-)

Am 29.12.2017 um 09:39 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:
I'm not good enough with graphical editor, this is why I'm asking for icon :)))
I can implement new toolbar with all graphical tools available by click on this 
new icon
And we can collect some feedback (hopefully)

According to new menu group
Maybe it worth to create new menu item (under new group) like "Get feedback"
Then voting can be performed by clicking on new "semitransparent overlay"
This same "semitransparent overlay" will display results and contains control 
to stop quick-vote (available to moderators only)

This way regular user and moderators can vote
Only moderator can start/stop quick vote


On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 3:23 PM, Peter Dähn 
<da...@vcrp.de[mailto:da...@vcrp.de]> wrote:
Hi Maxim,

1. There was one thread where was asked for a reduced/minimized toolbar. So I 
made this mock-up. I just used the Picture right now. But it doesn't need to be 
like that.
2. Yes asked by voice
3. Polls are just fine in the place where they are now. These Polls (my 
understanding) are something that a teacher prepare BEFORE the session start as 
a part of the the given class. And there need to be more than yes/no and 
probably it is important to save this results .

I want to address a different use case. Presentation is one is talking, (many) other listen. Sometimes you need to get some feedback, not 
planed, it is just to know "everybody alive?", "can we go on?", "yes or no?"... Such things just during the 
presentation. And this should be a single click operation. All other things what is in the given case "thumb up" and "thumb 
down" need to communicate by voice before start the "vote". And therefore it doesn't need to be saved or reproducible. It 
just makes sense in the given context. So it can disappear after a short time.

I also thought about a different way to implement this. Teacher still need the 
button to start/stop the vote. But when started a semitransparent overlay 
appear at students whiteboard (eg left blue right pink). They can use their 
pointer to click on it. After finishing the vote the result will be visible for 
3-5 seconds and session goes on.

And if it is easier result can also be shown in a&a (votes:42 / blue:42% / 
pink:58%) without any graphical gimmick (but would be nice... ;-) )

Greetings Peter

Am 28.12.2017 um 17:21 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:
Let it be the thread regarding changes to the polls :)))

So i guess the main issue: "long path" to vote

Here are my questions:
1) on your screenshots you don't have drawing tools and cliparts, but have some 
"palette" icon ... maybe you can share it and what is hidden?
     * this seems to make path to drawing longer ... is this OK
2) it is not clear how such vote will be started .... or the question is asked 
by voice?
3) Maybe polls can be moved to the top level room menu group? would it make 
them easier to use?

On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 6:56 PM, Peter Dähn 
<da...@vcrp.de[mailto:da...@vcrp.de]> wrote:
4.0.3 would be early enough... ;-)

I know that you are the only one that develop the things... unfortunately my 
programming skills are not that good... :-(

I know that it is in fact a simple yes/no poll... and you really can take it as a wish/feature 
request... I would like to get feedback. All the things I mention come because of feedback from 
teachers. All the little things are the difference between "I like to use this program" 
and "I have to use this program" ... ;-)

The main difference to poll is that it is a two click operation for the teacher 
(start and stop -> left mouse on button in wb menu or hotkey?) and for student 
it is a one click operation (thumb up ore down in wb menu usable as long as the 
teacher has the poll open or hotkey?). The result disappears right (3 seconds?) 
after 2nd click of the teacher.

Greetings Peter

Am 28.12.2017 um 11:52 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:
I guess I understand your plan ....
You would like to have all issues fixed in 4.0.2 :))))

I propose to have "less, but better", i.e. check all wishes, put priority
1) I will not upgrade is "feature A" will not be implemented
2) "feature B" will make my life much easier
3) "feature C" is nice to have

I don't have too much time, and this way I can better plan my work :))

I'll check this dot, I do remember it might be green/red and it should be 
yellow ... will double-check

Right now poll will work very similar to your "quick poll" in case you have 
asked a question all room user will have pop-up dialog: WDYT? then poll can be 
archived/deleted ....
IMHO the only difference is the way it is displayed .....

On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 5:38 PM, Peter Dähn 
<da...@vcrp.de[mailto:da...@vcrp.de]> wrote:
separate threads could help to keep the things present... How do we prioritize 

I got one more thing in mind in the evening...


I need to have a look about room files... :-) and presenter role I found now... 
I think they should mark different than normal user. Yellow dot instead of 

The thing I suggest as quick poll is not really a pool it is more a simplified student response 
system... It is just a tool to ask "WDYT?" and is is important that it is a single click 
operation (for the teacher and the student). No need to save it no need to let is visible longer 
than the teacher is asking. And I think this will work perfectly beside poll. Poll should be a tool 
that is more than a simple "WDYT?". I think these polls should be prepared before the 
meeting and they are a pedagogical instrument. Btw.. I think if there is time left we could have a 
look how to improve current poll... ;-)

Greetings Peter

Am 28.12.2017 um 09:45 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:
Hello Peter,

this seems to be huge list :)
Some of these items were implemented (like room files and presenter role)
some seems to be not very critical (like redo, and a&a place)

According to quick poll: I would like to discuss it first, this seems to be the 
same thing as current poll (on screen vote, instead of dialog), not sure we 
need 2 instances of poll :))

Can we have separate threads for remaining issues? with some prioritization?

On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 11:51 PM, Peter Dähn 
<da...@vcrp.de[mailto:da...@vcrp.de]> wrote:
Hi all,

I think there are a few little things left and maybe a few improvements should 
be discussed. I think we should use a new thread to do this.

I think design of the room is almost finished with the latest chat improvements just the 
a&a field is left.I think a&a should share the space with the user list. A&a should 
have the same with than the user list. When hidden user list has max height if a&a is 
visible user list should have reduced height (scrollbar if needed).

This is really the last thing that is missing in the design.

I will fetch up now all ideas from former threads that should be discussed I 
think (no priority just how I find and remember them...).1. 

2. Redo Button for wb

Additionally we have number of 

All this about introducing new room role: "Presenter"
This role has less rights than Moderator, but more rights than "Draw
on whiteboard"
 (I still need to test room files for this and there was an Idea for scheduled 
meetings to implement a kind of countdown (audio/video) till start time)

5. We have implemented an area where the video pods "dock" when the meeting 
starts, although they can be repositioned at any time by the participants. See attached 
screenshot. the docking area is above the whiteboards.

6. It would be great to implement an option, to put the video-pod of a given 
moderator (presenter? see 3.) to a fixed position on the whiteboard in a 
presentation room. This is the place where the video-pod of the moderator 
should be displayed. The moderator just leave this part in his presentation 
blank and is visible for the audience. I think for a normal presentation this 
should be the default case for the audience. Max whiteboard and chat and the 
rest is minimized or hidden.

7. user-list sorting by name and by latest actions

8. dynamic room layoutscommented till now "

I'm afraid functionality like this "Then the moderator has the ability to change the 
layout to his needs"
requires sort of templating ....
So CSS dynamically created by one user will be applied to others ...."
That's all things I found in the discussions. If I missed something pleas add 
here. And lets start think about what is implementable and what is the priority 
for this.

Greetings Peter
Maxim aka solomax
Maxim aka solomax
Maxim aka solomax
Maxim aka solomax

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