Add it as a calendar source via a caldav connector. I use "caldav sync free 
beta". For contacts, the process is similar and I use "CardDav-sync free". Once 
you have the connectors installed, you just point them at the appropriate URL.

I can't comment on the browser stuff from android as I don't use them, given 
the above. That said, you can always tick the "request desktop version" button 
to get the standard interface.

On October 15, 2016 6:34:04 AM EDT, Chris Green <> wrote:
>I have an owncloud server that I have been using happily from my Linux
>systems for a few years.
>My wife now want to use my owncloud server from her android tablet for
>calendar and contacts.
>This appears to be far from straightforward!
>First question:-
>    Is it better to use the browser interface to owncloud or are there
>    specific Android owncloud calendar and contacts apps?
>Second question:-
>    Is there any 'Help' for the browser interface on Android, it
>    doesn't seem work the same as the browser interface from Linux.
>    We couldn't (for example) work out how to create a new event in
>    the calendar, just tapping a date does nothing.
>Third question:-
>    Where does any created calendar or contacts get saved?  There's a
>    calendar with a couple of events (we don't really know how we
>    created them) in owncloud but I can't find any trace of
>    corresponding files on my server.  I *can* see my own calendar and
>    contacts files.

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