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On 15.10.2016 14:10, Andrea Croci wrote:
> An alternative to using CalDAV-sync and CardDAV-sync is DAVDroid. It
> syncs both with just one account setup. The only issue I had with
> that is that it wouldn't recognize my self signed nonCA certificate.
> I'm using https to connect to my ownCloud and made the certificate
> myself.

one would not (avoiding the "must not" as I can only but strongly
recommend, but cannot give any real orders) use anything else than https
to connect to one's ownCloud server resp. service.

> I had to redo the certificate as a CA-certificate (changing
> it in all the configuration files where it was pointed to) and import
> it in my Android device in order to make it digest it. It was quite a
> bit of work and googling around and I couldn't reproduce it now
> without redoing the same googling. So I don't know if you use https,
> if you want to go through the exercise. Advantage is, it's free.

As soon as your have created your own certificate: get yourself a bonus
and get it signed by a CA that has its root certificates in the ring
that is usually shipped with browsers and OSes - an be hazzle-free.

My experience of getting my certificate signed (for free, BTW! :-) by
StartSSL ( was good, but there are others as
well such as Let's Encrypt ( - which I haven't
yet checked out, though.

On 15.10.2016 14:50, Chris Green wrote:
> ... and I'm not as stupid as I thought I was, it *isn't* all that 
> simple.  :-)

But is *MUCH* handier once properly set up - I see the web interface of
my ownCloud service only for configuration purposes. :-)

On 15.10.2016 16:11, Matthew Caron wrote:
> Yeah, I don't know why google doesn't have the DAV stuff builtin.
> It's pretty standard...

Barking up the wrong tree here a little, huh? ;-)

Anyhow: all the best,

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