Hi Chris -

On 15.10.2016 12:34, Chris Green wrote:
> I have an owncloud server that I have been using happily from my Linux
> systems for a few years.
> My wife now want to use my owncloud server from her android tablet for
> calendar and contacts.
> This appears to be far from straightforward!
> First question:-
>     Is it better to use the browser interface to owncloud or are there
>     specific Android owncloud calendar and contacts apps?

not that I'd be aware of.

However, you resp. your wife would/should/could be fine with Android's
on-board calendar and contacts apps: these can be easily hooked onto
ownCloud with e.g. Marten Gajda's CalDAV-Sync resp. CardDAV-Sync app.
They run silently and equally flawlessly in the background on my Android

You can find CardDAV-Sync here:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dmfs.carddav.Sync (to
be paid for)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dmfs.carddav.sync (free)

Difference according to the description is:

"The paid version of CardDAV-Sync equals the free version except that it
syncs more fields. Visit my website for details.

Please uninstall the free version before you install the paid one (and
vice versa)."

And CalDAV-Sync here:


The current total is 4,49 EUR - IMHO worth every cent.

> Second question:-
>     Is there any 'Help' for the browser interface on Android, it
>     doesn't seem work the same as the browser interface from Linux.
>     We couldn't (for example) work out how to create a new event in
>     the calendar, just tapping a date does nothing.

Can't tell - never used the ownCloud web interface with my Android browser.

> Third question:-
>     Where does any created calendar or contacts get saved?  There's a
>     calendar with a couple of events (we don't really know how we
>     created them) in owncloud but I can't find any trace of
>     corresponding files on my server.  I *can* see my own calendar and
>     contacts files.

Wouldn't calendar or contact data sit in the *SQL database rather than
in specific files? I wonder what your calendar and contacts files would
look like...


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