I've successfully integrated shiro into my spring mvc project and has been
really happy and impressed with shiro. However I've encountered the a road
block which I've been trying to fix for the passed few days with no success.

Since I'm developing on pc I've always type https://localhost/.... for
testing purposes... until there's a section where I need to test it on
mobile. So I pulled out my android phone connect to the same network as my
server via wifi and typed in the url<project-name> to

Server shows me the login page and when I typed in username and password and
hit enter, I'm seeing the login page again which initially I thought I
entered the username and password incorrect. But After a few attempts the
result remains the same, I'm still seeing the login page only.

After checking the log file I see that when access server via IP, even
though I entered the correct username and password, I'm being redirected to
login.jsp again. This doesn't happened if I use hostname or localhost.

I'm attaching an ss showing the different in log when access using localhost
(log on left) and using ipaddress (log on right). I've highlighted the log
with red color line.


Any idea why shiro respond differently ?

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