Using struts2 in iRad


1. In src folder have package
com.xyx.actions ----> in this have

2. Created
"resources" ------ > of type  Source Folder

in it I added a package
com.xyx.actions  --------> in this added

I added couple of label and
error properties in it.


3. In LoginAction ----->
validate method is handling errors and adding the key from file and on field error in jsp the value from properties
file is read and displaying in jsp correctly. i.e error messages are showing 
correct from th properties file.


4. In the same properties file,
I added label properties like

errors.user.required=Please enter usererrors.password.required=Please enter 

The jsp is not getting the
label properties and displaying the key itself as label.user <s:label 
<s:textfield name="user" key="label.user"></s:textfield>
<s:submit key="btn.login" align="center" cssClass="button"></s:submit>


what is that I am
missing? How to fix this? Any help on this appreciated. Thanks.


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