Thank you Paul, its a good proposal.

This is a really piece to get a global solution. I think that it should be
treated like load balancer, where Cloudstack offers a simple, but useful
solution, and Cloudstack allows to integrate dedicated solutions like F5.
In fact, Cloudstack just offers a global solution, snapshots. This is a
very basic solution, but is a solution.

Would be great that Cloustack allow integration with solutions like Veeam
(p.ex). The connector (configured by cloud administrators) would allow
users to include each vm, and manage the recover from the cloudstack
console (something similar to the current VM snapshot management). And
still more difficult: what happen with deleted VMs? How to interact with
... whatever ... to recover a virtual machine that just does not exists on

But meanwhile, general solutions (like veeam) does not allow to delegate on
users their own backups.
We have some clients that uses backup agents on their virtual machines
using their own backup services (like EMC Networker).

@Simon Weller: Ceph, also sounds great...

What else?


Sebastián Gómez

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 8:49 PM, Paul Angus <> wrote:

> Hi All, particularly Daniel, Sebastian and Simon,
> We, as a community are very much aware of the shortfalls in 'backup and
> recovery' options available natively in CloudStack - which is basically 'do
> volume snapshots'.
> Quite a while back, I published a high-level proposal of what I thought
> that a backup and recovery
> I've continued to work on it, and am current speaking to a couple of
> backup vendors in order to have a framework concept that they will work
> with.
> Hopefully within a few weeks I'll be able to publish a substantive
> proposal for everyone to see and comment on.
> Stay tuned
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> Subject: Customer Backup with CS 4.7 and VMWare
> Hi All,
> We are using CS 4.7.1 with VMWare Hypervisor and advanced networking in a
> private cloud environment. Currently, most of our (internal) customers
> hosting internal services within this environment are using volume
> snapshots to facilitate backups of their virtual machines. Besides the
> obvious downsides of this approach (consistent snapshots of multiple
> volumes, …) we encounter serious problems using this features. In ~10% of
> the cases, snapshots get stuck in the BackingUp state, which sometimes
> causes the whole snapshot queue to stale. In some other cases, recurring
> snapshots are correctly configured, but CS does not try even try to create
> this snapshot, there is no entry in the database.
> In summary, we are currently evaluating different options, hence my
> questions here:
>   *   Are we the only ones encountering that massive problems with volume
> snapshots? Or is this a known problem? Anything we could look at or a hint
> where we could start troubleshooting?
>   *   How are you actually providing backup services to the customer? Are
> there other solutions or products that integrate with CS?
> When using another option than the volume snapshots in CS, the most
> important factor would be to keep the ability for the customer to configure
> everything in self-service.
> Thanks and regards
> Daniel

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