...I think.

I have an existing Cocoon service running 2.1.11 under Tomcat5 and
Apache in CentOS5 on a very old server, and I now have a new server
running CentOS6, Apache2, and Tomcat6 that I want to migrate to, but I
am held up by my lack of understanding of what has been happening to
Coocon, and I'm an XML person, not a Java person :-)

The existing service is not an "application" in the normal sense: it's
just a large collection of directories under /var/www/xml, each with its
own sitemap.xmap, serving a lot of XML documents as HTML via XSLT. Many
of the documents are in fact HTML, retrieved in real time from elsewhere
in our site using Tidy in order to force xhtml or HTML5.  The cocoon.war
is the stock 2.1.11 with no mods except the substitution of saxon9.jar
so we can use XSLT2.

I would like to be able to update all this to 2.2, and eventually to
Cocoon 3.0, but the lack of a prebuilt .war file means I am at a loss as
to how to do this. The existing service simply serves XML converted with
XSLT2, nothing more: there are no requirements for authentication (it's
all public), templates, forms, or FOP (we use XSLT2 and XeLaTeX for
PDFs), and no "applications" as such. The stock 2.1.11 cocoon.war file
undoubtedly includes vast amounts of stuff we never even go near using,
but I have no idea what to exclude or include when it comes to building
a new one in 2.2 or 3.0. The block examples in the 2.2 Tutorials
*appear* to be vastly more complex than is needed for what we want to do
(although this may just be my ignorance: in fact Cocoon 1.x always did
everything we needed!).

A further requirement is obviously robust and working versions of Ant or
Maven, as in the past I have never been able to get either of these to
work on the platform available (there have always been unresolvable
dependencies for libraries simply unavailable). Has anyone ever
implemented Cocoon 2.2 or 3 on CentOS6?

I have a small budget for help with this, either for training or
consultancy or both (preferably both so that I can learn). Or do I just
pick up the current 2.1.11 cocoon.war file and drop it into the new
system and leave it alone?

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